Let's change the game for working parents.

It's time for us to recognize that parenting develops career critical skills. It's harder to be a working parent in the U.S. than in any other country in the developed world.

It's time for us to support working parents.


Meet Amy

“I’ve spent the past twenty years looking at culture through the lens of parenthood. Modern leaders, and society as a whole, need the skills parenthood unlocks.

It’s time we see and treat parents as assets and not liabilities in our workplaces.”

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Tending book cover

Looks like a book.

More like the seed of a movement in disguise.

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The Voices of the Movement

Covid has made visible and increased the challenges working parents have faced for generations. Fortunately, there are people who are working to build a better future for working parents. Learn more about them here. We are stronger together than we are alone.

  • Christine Michel Carter

    Christine champions financial equity for moms of color (read more about how she's giving other women of color permission to claim their power by helping them gain access to financial equity).|Christine Michel Carter, The #1 Global Voice for Working Moms
  • Brian Anderson

    His vision is for fathers to invest in their families like they have their careers.|Brian Anderson, ED of Fathering Together
  • Melissa Kepler

    Mel created the first official employee-led parents group inside a federal agency (read more about how being grass-roots led to a group that is over 1,000 members strong today).|Melissa Kepler, Parent Activist
  • Sarah Johal

    Sarah founded the parents group at Lyft and won a campaign to expand their leave policy for all parents and caregivers (read more about how she's been working with other parent employee activists in the tech industry).|Sarah Johal, ED, Parents in Tech Alliance

Resources & News

the book

Why I wrote Tending

I wrote ‘Tending: Parenthood and the Future of Work,’ to heal myself. The book chronicles my own deeply personal quest to understand motherhood, and parenthood more broadly, in our modern times. I needed to give voice to my own experiences because I feared what would happen if I remained silent.


‘Power Moms’ explain how parenthood made them better leaders, Fortune

In her new book, Power Moms: How Executive Mothers Navigate Work and Life, longtime Wall Street Journal columnist Joann Lublin explores and compares how two generations of mothers—boomers and Gen Xers—have navigated career and parenting challenges. 

Amy is grateful to be featured in this book, and in the Fortune article, about how motherhood can make us better at work, but only if we have the support we need.


How parents make the workplace better for everyone

"Before the pandemic, parents took on Ringling Bros. Circus-level juggling in order to conceal the realities of caregiving from the workplace. But now, no level of circus artistry can conceal the impact and importance of care responsibilities in our private lives, as well our professional ones. And that might not be a bad thing." Amy was included in this important CNN story by Elissa Strauss.


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