FamTech Founders Collaborative

Amy Henderson instigated and is a co-leader of the FamTech Founders Collaborative, a network of over 160 founders who are solving for the needs of caregivers.

What began as a lunchtime gathering of 24 female founders in 2019 has since become a national network of founders of all genders who meet regularly because…

  • We believe peer-based support for founders--particularly those working on mission-driven ventures--supports our mental health.
  • The market for our ventures is new and rapidly developing, and we have come together to shape, name, claim, and drive the growth in our sector.
  • We believe partnerships--among our founders--can yield great success, both in terms of social impact and revenue.
  • We are committed to collaborating on, and/or supporting major legislation and other advocacy efforts that are designed to change the game for caregivers and families.

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