What is Tending?

Today, most parents in America are facing crippling challenges. We were struggling before COVID, but now we’re drowning. It doesn’t have to be this way. Now is the time to take a stand for parenthood. Supporting parents is good for everyone, especially in our workplaces.


“Tending: Parenthood & The Future of Work” is the story of Amy Henderson’s raw and vulnerable quest to understand modern parenthood. Her journey brings her into intimate conversations with hundreds of parents, scientists, employee activists, business leaders, and other innovators.


Through these heartfelt conversations, Amy learns three main things:

1. It's harder to be a working parent in the U.S. than in any other developed country in the world.

2. There is an epidemic of shame among working parents.

3. And yet, parenthood, possibly more than anything else, neurologically primes us to develop skills that are critical for success in the modern workplace.


Armed with these insights, Amy launched TendLab, which began as a consulting business to help companies unlock the power and potential of parents at work, and has transformed into something much bigger. The new TendLab is a gathering place for incubation and instigation, bringing together the changemakers across business, research, technology, and politics to forge a better path forward for working families.


'Tending,' goes deep into the stories behind this pain to help us understand how our work cultures are broken, and how we can heal them. A testament to the power of parenthood, community, and collective action, 'Tending' is a call to action for all of us.

Read the book to get inspired to play your part in building a better future.

“Tending: Parenthood & The Future of Work,” will be published by Nationbuilder Books in early March 2021.

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Reflections on Tending: Parenthood and the Future of Work

"Absolutely captivating. Amy Henderson's 'Tending' outlines in perfect detail the heart-wrenching underbelly of what it's really like to balance the joys and perils of parenting with the intensity and persistence of working in today's society. The stories and anecdotes she so eloquently, and VERY vulnerably, shares with us about her experiences, observations, and learnings as a mom and business leader should be read, and then re-read, by everyone. No matter if you've ever been a parent or caregiver before, you won't be able to turn away from Amy's hauntingly accurate depiction of the world that so many mom's, dad's, and families are living in today."

Michael Walsh

"There are no platitudes, cliched portrayals of motherhood, or impractical advice here. Instead, in Tending, Amy Henderson gifts us with a profoundly beautiful, jarring, and at the same time, incredibly informative narrative. This masterful page-turner is a must-read for all humans, but especially for any parent who wants to feel seen and anyone who manages parents in the workplace."


Lori Mihalich-Levin

“'Tending' is a much-needed, powerful, primal scream that mothers are not alone and are not defective. And “the mother” is not limited just to women who give birth. In a span of a few chapters, we see Amy Henderson survive PTSD from her work in the Peace Corp, launch an international organization with Van Jones and PRINCE and basically give birth on her own in a bathroom with a smile at the end. And, yet, even she felt inadequate. Her story, complete with copious research of hundreds of interviews, is one of power, gaslighting, redemption, and ferocious love. And, hey dads and potential dads? Pay special attention to chapter five. It will change your life."

Sarah Lacy
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About the Author

Amy Henderson is one of our nation’s leading voices on the critical role of parenting and caregiving in developing the future of work. Amy is a mother to three kids and the founding CEO of TendLab, where she is catalyzing a movement to recognize and realize the value of parents in the workplace. Armed with the revelation that parenting develops career-critical skills, Amy wrote “Tending: Parenthood & The Future of Work” to further the Tending movement. Amy also started and co-leads the Fam Tech Founders Collaborative, a network of over 130 founders who are solving for the needs of caregivers.

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