March 26, 2021 at 9:00am - 10am PST

The Better Man Conference

To honor Women's History Month and the historic times we continue to face, Better Man Movement co-founder and partner Kriz Bell will be in conversation with Amy Henderson, CEO and Founder of TendLab and Tet Salva, Founder of MomWarrior, to discuss how the workplace can be more inclusive and accommodate real-world experiences.

The so-called She-Cession is setting workplace equity back decades. Getting women back to work is an insufficient solution. Many of the women who lost their roles as wage earners were forced out due to the undue burden that COVID has placed on caregivers. Instead of making this about women at work, we want to reframe the discussion to focus on solutions that center caregivers in the workplace. What needs to change to support caregivers in the workplace? What can we change to prevent people and policies from perpetuating inequity? Join us for a conversation that will center on lived experiences to explore obstacles, opportunities, and solutions. Through awareness, we can support roadmaps for moving forward.

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The Better Man Movement provides resources, support, and community to encourage the involvement of men in creating an inclusive culture. Through our workshops, training, and events, our programming shifts organizations from managing diversity as a necessity to leveraging differences for allyship, connection, and collaboration.