March 17, 2021 at 11:00am - 12pm PST

“You can’t say that anymore…”: How to future-proof your workplace in the age of cancel culture

Traditional work cultures prioritize always-on availability, which penalizes anyone with caregiving responsibilities. As a result, working parents feel marginalized and unable to show up at work as their full selves.

It’s often the formal and informal ways that performance is measured where trust is severed between employee and employer. And where parents lose faith in their career trajectory.

What if you could dismantle this within your organization? And value people for critical leadership skills, like problem-solving and agility, versus the dated measures of success, like hours worked or number of meetings attended?

What you’ll learn:

  • Why the performance review is broken in most organizations and how to rethink your performance culture
  • The leadership skills parents gain and why it’s vital to the health and agility of your organization for 2021 and beyond.
  • How to future proof your company by nurturing, recognizing and realizing the full potential of these critical leadership skills.
  • How to use this knowledge to accelerate your inclusion strategy.


Meet the experts:

Leslie Forde is the Founder of Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs & the Allies @ Work program, where she uses data to help Employers retain caregivers. She has used research to inform growth and innovation strategy for over 20 years. Most recently, she held leadership positions at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and CSpace (an Omnicom market research agency.) She began her brand management career at Bausch & Lomb and Xerox. Her writing about parenting, motherhood and equity has appeared in The Washington Post, Slate, Parents Magazine and her website, Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs among other publications.

Amy Henderson is one of our nation’s leading voices on the critical role of parenting and caregiving in developing the future of work. Amy is a mother to three kids and the founding CEO of TendLab, which began as a consulting business to help companies unlock the power and potential of parents at work, and has transformed into something much bigger. The new TendLab is a gathering place for incubation and instigation, bringing together the changemakers across business, research, technology, and politics to forge a better path forward for working families. Armed with the revelation that parenting develops career-critical skills, Amy wrote “Tending: Parenthood & The Future of Work” to further the Tending movement. Amy also started and co-leads the Fam Tech Founders Collaborative, a network of over 130 founders who are solving for the needs of caregivers. A regular speaker and author advocating on behalf of the power of parenthood at work, Amy has been featured in and written for The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fast Company, Slate, InStyle, and more. 

Mikaela Kiner is a CEO, mom, executive coach, and author. In 2015, Mikaela founded Reverb, to help companies create healthy, inclusive cultures that engage and inspire employees. Prior to Reverb, Mikaela held HR leadership roles at Northwest companies including Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, PopCap Games, and Redfin. Mikaela enjoys coaching leaders at all levels and working with mission-driven organizations. She’s the author of Female Firebrands: Stories and Techniques to Ignite Change, Take Control, and Succeed in the Workplace. A native Seattleite who grew up on Capitol Hill, Mikaela is married to Henry, a musician, artist, and teacher. Their two teens are good at challenging the status quo and are a constant source of learning and laughter.

Registered attendees will receive the recording and e-copy of Amy’s Henderson’s new book, Tending: Parenthood and the Future of Work.


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