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We’re in the process of mapping out the ecosystem of individuals and organizations that are working to change the game for working parents. If you are currently doing this work or know someone who is, let us know.

We’re stronger together than we are alone.


Amy with group

Amy's organization TendLab, co-hosted with PeopleTech Partners, a parenthood at work summit at Cloudflare. Pictured left to right are Technology Leader Cheryl Porro, Cloudflare Co-Founder President and COO Michelle Zatlyn, Amy Henderson, Do Big Things CEO and Founder Cheryl Contee, and Après CEO and Founder Stacey Delo. 


The Jane Club

In conversation on stage at The Jane Club in Los Angeles. Pictured left to right are Doyin Richards, Morgan Hutchinson, Amy Henderson, and Chudney Ross.

Photo Credit: Davie Blue


Cloudfare event

A panel Amy Henderson hosted about moms pioneering solutions for working parents. Pictured left to right are Patrice Martin, The Holding Co.; Employee Activist Sarah Johal; and Kate Torgerson, Milk Stork. 

Photo Credit: Ami Hamilton


Erin Wilson

Erin Wilson, Co-Founder and COO, speaks at the event featured above about the importance of dads in changing the game for working parents. 

Photo Credit: Ami Hamilton



Amy and fellow change agents at an event at Airbnb. Pictured left to right are Amy Henderson, Dr. Alexandra Sacks, a Reproductive Psychiatrist; Jill Koziol, CEO of Motherly; and Henri Loh, who leads Airbnb's parenting resource group. 

Photo Credit: Ami Hamilton


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