Tending Book Launch Party Recap


Yesterday my publisher NationBuilder hosted a launch event for Tending: Parenthood and the Future of Work. If you missed it, click here to catch the recording.

As I discussed during the event, I wrote this book to heal--myself, other parents, and our culture more broadly. And as we continue on this journey, what is apparent is that this is not just a book, it is the seed of a movement in disguise. 

We know that to make the change for working parents we need a coalition of people across industries and political beliefs. Hannah-Beth Jackson shared with us her experience in creating change through policy and the power that comes from people demanding change. We need you in this movement. If you’ve been inspired by what you heard in yesterday’s conversation, I’d like to personally invite you to join this movement. 

Here are three ways you can take action today:

1) If you haven’t yet, get your copy of Tending here {print edition launches Sunday!} and share with friends/colleagues using your personal link below. 

2) Join the #parentsareassets & #tendingtocare conversation on and offline. Check out the Tending Toolkit where you will find sample wording, social posts and graphics to make sharing easy. 

3) And finally, consider becoming a Founding Movement Ambassador

Now is the time for change. Join us.