Podcasts Featuring Amy

Tending: The Podcast 


Did you know that I am planning on launching a podcast {one day soon}? I invite you to give a listen to the Tending podcast series pilot about the complex intersection between work and parenthood in the US. The pilot is hosted by me and executive produced by Ahri Golden.

In it, I feature groundbreaking research, compelling stories and insights.  Tending brings voices forward, illuminated with original scoring and sound design, on this zeitgeist subject. From teachers to neuroscientists and tech founders to political activists, Tending spans a vast range of perspectives to lift the veil on the struggles and triumphs working parents face in America today, unlocking powerful solutions for an emergent post-pandemic society.


care @ work

During my interview on Equal Parts Podcast, by care@work, we covered: 

  • Critical issues employers need to consider regarding caregiving as we enter the post-pandemic future of work
  • How and why caring cultures are a competitive business advantage (and what’s at stake for those that don’t have them)
  • How to bust the working parent stigma (including the one in your own head!)
  • Advice for business leaders and managers on how to hold themselves – and the business – accountable for building trust with and supporting caregiving employees
  • Why a continuous feedback loop of tracking, asking, and engaging employees about caregiving helps employers build strong caregiving cultures
  • The important distinction between simply offering care benefits and socializing them across the organization


Access to Inspiration 

Produced in the UK, Access to Inspiration's series on 21st Century Changemakers, is a must listen! The host, Sue Stockdale, created the series to build compassion and empathy between people who are different from one another. Besides the segment featuring me, the series also includes leaders who working on a range of projects, such as increasing diversity in the medical profession and measuring happiness.


Mom's That Lead

Much thanks to Teri Schmidt of Moms That Lead for having me on her podcast to talk about the future of work - which MUST support working parents.

Companies spend a fortune on leadership development; and rightfully so, as good leaders make successful organizations. But did you know that some of the most important leadership skills (emotional intelligence, courage, collaboration) are forged in the experiences of being a parent? And that research backs this up?

Caregiving gives parents unmatched skills, and TendLab CEO Amy Henderson tells Adriana Lozada why it’s crucial to support them in bringing all that valuable knowledge and experience to the workplace.

Today we are going to take a look at the story that gets shoved at pregnant women (and really, at all women). The story goes that when you’re just waiting to become a mom, and once you do become a mom, you won’t be interested in working outside the home anymore. The prevailing story is that motherhood will change you, and not in a good way. The ambitions and dreams you cherished pre-kids become uninteresting to you. Because you become uninteresting.


Parenting skills critical for modern workplace success

Thank you Karin for having me on this episode, "Job Sharing and Beyond!" I shared in our conversation why I started TendLab. We talked about skills from caregiving and I talked about my interviews and research for my book "Tending" and how caregiving creates biological changes for any care worker and how the skills learned from carework are important skills for the workplace.  

How Motherhood Changes Your Brain And Makes You More Marketable

 I joined Sara Dean as a guest on an episode of her 'Shameless Mom' podcast series.


Overcoming Working Mom Burnout

The warm-hearted and brilliant behavioral scientist, Dr. Jacqueline Kerr, included me in her podcast series.  I highly recommend subscribing to the entire series, and listening to this episode.  Her hard-earned wisdom has heavily influenced me, and I know it will have a positive impact on you, too!