March 18, 2021 at 1:00pm - 2pm PST

MotherNation Asks Amy About Work & Motherhood

MotherNation has invited Amy Henderson to be a guest on their Ask Me Anything series to speak to their community about Work & Motherhood. 

Everyone is invited to attend the online talk by joining the free online community at MotherNation. After joining, you can sign up here to join the online event with Amy!

Event overview: 

Are you struggling to make it all happen? Overwhelmed by the stress of working and parenting during the pandemic? You are not alone.

When Amy Henderson, Mother of three, realized that she was using many of the same tools and techniques to manage the stress of being a working Mom that she'd used to recover from PTSD, she knew there was a problem. When she began talking with other working Moms and Dads, she realized the problem was almost universal and the system had to change.

She looked into neuroscience to uncover a beautiful truth: the transition to parenthood (through birth or adoption) gives us a whole new set of skills critical for success in the workplace. Being a movement builder by both nature and experience, she got to work creating TendLab - which was initially a consulting agency working with corporations to optimize the workplace for parent's needs, but has since become an organization dedicated to building the movement for working parents. Amy also founded a FamTech (technology related to being caregivers and families) collective which now hosts over 150 founders, has signed on with Times Up to co-create an employer guide, and is about to release her first book "Tending: Parenthood & the Future of Work"

Join us on March 18th for an Ask Me Anything with this amazing Mama, where we'll dig into understanding how our Motherhood makes us uniquely prepared to succeed, and how the system can change to recognize and optimize for those strengths.