Happy Mother's Day. Tending is (finally) here!

Today’s the day! After more than 5 years and writing and re-writing my book, it’s finally here! “Tending: Parenthood and the Future of Work,” is available as an ebook today (the print version will be available on Father’s Day)!

I chose to publish the ebook today--Mother’s Day, May 9, 2021--because I am hopeful that today will be a day of deep reckoning for our nation. For far too long we have not supported our working moms, or our working dads. The pandemic has finally made this visible. And we cannot go back to the way things were before.

I wrote Tending to heal -- myself, my family, my friends, and my community (which I hope to grow and expand each day I’m alive). This book chronicles my own deeply personal quest to understand motherhood, and parenthood more broadly, in our modern times. I needed to give voice to my own experiences because I feared what would happen if I remained silent.

As I share Tending with you today, I am experiencing many emotions. Joy. Relief. A bit of fear (as the stories I share are very raw and personal). But mostly, I am hopeful. I am hopeful that you, as my core community, will take this time to see what must be seen, so we can work together to do what must be done. It’s time to work together to build a better future for working parents and families.

Tending to Care Pledge

Tending has always been more than a book. It’s the start of a bigger movement to change the game for working parents.

To catalyze this movement, we’re launching the Tending to Care Pledge.

Our Tending to Care Pledge asks employers to track the caregiving status of their employees as it relates to hiring, retention, promotion, and compensation. 

Our goal is to get 40 Founding Pledge Partners to sign the Pledge between Mother’s Day (today, when my ebook is available) and Father’s Day (when the print book will be released).

Did you know that up to 73% of employees have caregiving responsibilities, but the majority of companies don’t even know how many caregivers they employ? My team at TendLab and I have been working inside companies for the past 5 years to address the challenges and the opportunities that parenthood brings into the workplace, and we created this campaign because we believe that when companies see what we’ve seen, they will do what must be done. Companies who ‘see’ their caregivers through this pledge campaign will be motivated to update their policies, practices, benefits, and culture. To encourage your employer to track this critically important data, sign up to learn more about our ‘Tending to Care’ pledge.

Get The Book

Tending on Kindle


You can read what early readers say about ‘Tending’ here.

If you’d like to buy the book (for yourself or your loved ones) the eBook is now available for purchase directly from my publisher's website, as well as on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, and Nook stores.

Print copies of Tending will be available on Father’s Day, June 20th. You can pre-order at NationBuilder Books beginning today. You can also order entire cartons (40 books in each) at a deep discount for your entire team or organization!

Join us for a launch party hosted by my publisher, Nationbuilder, on June 16th.