Becoming A Mom Makes Women Better At Work, Forbes



Speaking from her personal experience, Mary Beth Ferrante shares that having a baby made her more ambitious. It's what led her to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship and building work that was more flexible and important to her. In the story for Forbes, Amy Henderson shares her research-backed findings that women build and enhance skills through parenting that enable us to be even more successful and better leaders.

"Parenting increases emotional intelligence, which clues you into others’ feelings and provides a platform for mutual trust and understanding, which fosters the ability to collaborate well with others. Parenting teaches you that you must accept your children for who they are and adapt to their needs and wants. We, in turn, learn how to nurture the best in others at home and the office, which is a hallmark of any great organizer/leader." 

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Special thanks to Mary Beth for including Amy and her work at Tend Lab in the story. 

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